Azcom to Showcase C-RAN, Network In a Box Solutions and Demo 5G Network Architecture Concepts at Mobile World Congress 2016

Azcom to Showcase C-RAN, Network In a Box Solutions and Demo 5G Network Architecture Concepts at Mobile World Congress 2016

Versatile platforms and full featured software enable scalable, rapidly deployable solutions

Azcom Technology, a leading player in advanced wireless communication is planning to showcase complete wireless access network solutions at the Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona, Spain between Feb 22nd and 25th, 2016. These solutions enable public and special purpose service providers to deploy and offer simultaneous LTE/3G services to customers. Additionally, as part of 5G NORMA (5G Novel Radio Multiservice adaptive network Architecture) consortium activities, Azcom will be providing a demonstration of adaptive network architectures and their relevance to the 5G era.

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As the latest Azcom flagship product, the AZB-NC0M-4304 is a state-of-the-art C-RAN platform with a full featured baseband unit (BBU). Operating on a standard 1U rack mounted chassis or active casing, this product can be deployed with multiple radio-access technologies like LTE Advanced, FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE and HSPA+.

AZB-NC0M-4304 based C-RAN Solution

The AZB-NC0M-4304 has multiple GBe interfaces to support backhauling and BBU pooling to dynamically scale the C-RAN depending on required capacity, throughput and redundancy. The BBU communicates with the remote radio head (RRH) using the CPRI protocol over optical fiber. The CPRI protocol can support a single or multi-carrier RRH solution. The RRH placement can be close to the BBU (indoor solution) or far away (outdoor or remote solution). The AZB-NC0M-4304 supports 2 SFPs that cater to simultaneous outdoor and indoor deployments. The two RRH modules can work on different bands allowing the implementation of an outband relay node. In addition to commercial cellular networks, this C-RAN solution can be used for defense, air-to-ground, mass transit, public safety, defense, surveillance and other private applications.

AZN-PAF-2200 Network In a Box

The Azcom AZN-PAF-2200 uses the latest generation multi-core SoCs to offer a powerful, flexible and compact platform to deploy Network in a Box (NIB) solutions. The platform also has two AFEs (operating in different bands) which interwork with the baseband unit. There is an option to use a pluggable card to run an EPC module that enables NIB capabilities. The product also comes with a passive casing that is deployment ready with IP67 compliance. This platform supports simultaneous operation of multiple radio-access technologies like LTE Advanced, FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE and HSPA+. The product can also support WiFi with an add-on WiFi module. This solution can be readily deployed for public safety, defense, surveillance, coverage in remote-areas and other private applications.

LTE/HSPA+ Software

The Azcom physical layer and L2/L3 stack software are fully integrated on the C-RAN and NIB platforms and end-to-end tested with commercial HSPA+ and LTE UEs. All major functional SW blocks forming this solution are Azcom intellectual property and are licensable separately.

“The C-RAN and NIB products coupled with LTE/HSPA+ software offer full-featured deployment ready solutions for both public and private applications” said Dr. Satish Ananthaiyer, EVP Business Development. “These solutions offer a simple way to implement and deploy the RAN with extremely compelling total cost of ownership while effectively optimizing time-to-market considerations”.

5G Demo

Azcom’s 5G demo focuses on minimizing end-to-end latency which is a very important requirement for the 5G network – from industrial device control, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, autonomous driving to diverse applications such as remote surgery.

The demo is based on 4G radio interface, but introduces a 5G-like core network, where RAN functions are executed in proximity to packet routing in order to minimize packet transmission delays and optimize end-to-end latency. The demo shows a hands-on example of remote control of a model car via a tablet to highlight the difference between high latency and low latency link control.

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Azcom Technology, a leading player in advanced wireless communication with nearly two decades of experience, provides a complete portfolio of software and hardware products to build LTE/HSPA+ commercial and special purpose networks for defense, public safety, private and rural applications. Built around this expertise and rich experience, Azcom provides a full range of services for wireless product development and customization that facilitates customers to rapidly and reliably execute on expedited time-to-market strategies. Azcom is headquartered in Milan, Italy with a design center in Gurgaon, India.

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