Private LTE

Is 5G A Must For Private Networks?

Is 5G a must for private networks?

POSTED BY : Dr. Satish Ananthaiyer, Ph.D. EVP, Business Development With LTE addressing all the requirements, is there a need for 5G? 5G is the future 3GPP standards-based radio access technology that offers ultra-low latency, considerably higher throughput than 4G, large number of connections (e.g....
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LTE with wi-fi Seamless Co-existence

LTE with WI-FI: Seamless Co-existence

POSTED BY : Aakash Kaushal, Marketing Manager Most mining communication networks today use Wi-Fi based solutions. These are suitable for situations where connection density is low and mobility is not required. On the other hand, 4G and 5G converged communication solutions offer high bandwidth, low...
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