Azcom Industrial NB-IOT ENODEB

Azcom AZI Series NB-IoT/LTE Small Cell

Industry 4.0 mandates a Connected World Everywhere. The next generation communication network comprises billions of humans and devices. Towards this end, 3GPP has ratified a Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) standard to enable a wide range of IoT devices, access networks and services. NB-IoT, standardized as part of 3GPP Release 13 provides large coverage (35 Km) with devices operating at very low power levels ensuring more than 10 years of battery life. This can be used for large-scale M2M and IoT deployments in Industry 4.0 for applications like enterprise, industrial facility and appliance management, mining, agriculture and farming, oil & gas, metering, logistics, e-health and others.

Azcom has introduced a new product line to the existing portfolio – Low power Industrial IoT NB-IoT Small Cells. This state-of-art solution provides connectivity to hundreds of devices to interact seamlessly with the network thus offering ubiquitous connectivity.

Compact and Flexible Design

The unit has fixtures that allow simple wall or pole mounting. With a total weight of around 4 Kg the AZI product is very compact. The form factor also enables quick installation and deployment on transport vehicles like mining trucks. The integrated GBE backhaul facilitates deployment in small spaces while minimizing installation and commissioning costs.



  • Band Support: from 400 MHz to 6 GHz
  • Antenna Configuration: 2 TRX
  • Output Power: up to 27 dBm (500 mW), 250 mW per channel
  • Synchronization: Integrated GPS, PTP/IEEE 1588
  • Dimensions: 125 x 240 x 260 mm (95 x 240 x 260 mm)
  • Operational Temp: -40 to +55 °C
  • Typical Power Consumption: 90W at -48 V DC
  • Protection Class: IP67

LTE Features

LTE Features

  • 3GPP release 13
  • NB-IoT Mode FDD Only
  • LTE Mode – TDD or FDD
  • LTE Voice, video and data
  • In-band/Guard Band NB-IoT
  • 500+ NB-IoT devices
  • Bandwidth 5, 10, 15, 20 MHz
  • Data rates up to FDD 150/50 Mbps, TDD 120/20 Mbps


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